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The Department introduces itself

We warmly welcome you to the Department of Educational Science and Psychology and hope you enjoy exploring our web pages.

Our department comprises five institutes and a research network:

    Institute for General Didactics and School Pedagogy (IADS)
    Institute of General and Vocational Education (IAEB)
    Institute for Psychology (IFP)
    Institute for School Development Research (IFS)
    Institute for Social Pedagogy, Adult Education and Early Childhood Education (ISEP)
    Research Network German Youth Institute (DJI)

At the center of our work is the study of questions about education, which we address from different perspectives, with the help of divergent theoretical and research methodological approaches and with regard to topics relevant to practice. To this end, we cooperate across regional and national borders and attach great importance to linking research and teaching.

It is our goal to prepare our graduates in the best possible way for their intended activities in educational fields of work, so that they can successfully start their future practice- or research-oriented professions. At our department, many paths lead to professions in educational fields of work: in school and extracurricular practice, in administrations, or in research and teaching at universities, to name just a few examples.

One of our central fields of work is the study of educational science for all students of the teaching profession. In addition to the general teacher training for all types of schools, i.e. for elementary school, the school types of secondary level I and II as well as the vocational college, two teaching subjects are offered at our department: the teaching subject psychology for the school types Gymnasium/Gesamtschule and vocational college as well as the teaching subject social pedagogy for the school type vocational college.

Another important field of work is the specialized study program in Educational Science with the degrees Bachelor and Master of Arts. Students in this program receive a foundation for professional, theory- and research-oriented work in education and social services. They are to become acquainted with basic theoretical positions in educational science and acquire specialized knowledge and can study an elective subject for this purpose, which can be chosen both within the department and from other departments with a view to the intended later professional activity.

Finally, the central feature of our department is our broad research profile. Our institutes represent the university-wide profile area "Youth, School and Educational Research" with focal points such as the analysis and reflection of socialization, upbringing and educational processes, current aspects of school development or the recording, reflection and optimization of learning and development processes. Our university faculty and staff are involved in national and international research networks and research projects. We cordially invite you to learn more about our research foci on the respective pages of the institutes.

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